Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Korakai Samal Island

What a grand overnight I spent with my mom last night. It was of an unplanned trip we made to Samal, an island 20-minutes away from Davao City. Aboard an old yet sturdy barge, the view was already stunning with its deep clear blue waters and salty wind. I could almost taste the fun it had in store for me.

Upon arrival at Caliclic we sat down for a while and started to organize our thoughts to where we were going to spend the night. Our options were branching to many famous and well-known resorts on the island. My mom settled for a nearby resort but I wanted to add more spice to this epic trip.

A local gave some recommendations. One of it was the so-called "Disneyland-of-Samal", the Korakai Baywalk Resort. It was 7km away from where we were dropped off (my rough estimation of course :)). We took a habal-habal(motorcycle ride) paying 100 pesos all-in-all.

The road to the resort was dark since it was already six in the evening and there where no streetlights. There were bumps in the road, curves, ups and downs. It was rough, dusty, but full of adventure and thrill.

We were greeted by a bold black gate and a utility guided us in. The place was solemn and only the ocean waves played in our ears. We ordered coffee for two at their "24-hours" store and seated at one of their Narra benches. The seats were so Filipino-styled and I love how wide it was designed (perfect for my pear-shaped butt). By the way the entrance fee is Php100 for adults and Php80 for children.

Shell ornaments hanging on windows of the store clanged endlessly on vigil. We rented an open cottage for Php200 overnight. I couldn't sleep that night, excited for the morning to come and see the place at daylight. I made a friend tachi, the coffee brown dog. He was cuddly and smelled good, nyahaha.

We took pictures of the children's pool at night to appreciate it's array of pool lights. It was located inside Palacio de Fantasia. There are a lot to see and a lot to take good pictures at. So to those who are photogenic and parents who want to treat their children, this is the best place for you.

 (WARNING! the following photos may give you second thoughts of me being a kid or a mermaid)
night time

I had to take my sleeping pills for me to lie flat 'till morning. So much for my sickness, I'm here to tell you all the fun I had on our trip. I was awaken with the strong smell of coffee. I went for a sip and sailed my way to their cave-like restroom. I jumped into my bikini and eagerly went back to bay.

The water was cold enough for me to awaken every corpuscle of my body. I can see my toes clearly beneath the water. It wasn't deep enough to call for an emergency life vest. It was deep enough for me to wade in. The sand was white and there wasn't too many of corals to hurt my feet.

day time
Inside Palacio de Fantasia(there was so much more I couldn't take all the picture perfect views.)

Besides the view and the cleanliness of the beach, what I love most in Korakai is their rich marine life and even a variety of birds. I saw an octopus running along with a crab. I also spotted flying fishes, small fishes, grouped in bunches, beside me as I was swimming.

I do have concerns for animal life. Local "bajao" fishermen were selling fishes, octopus(on my hands), and even sea urchins to visitors.
After swimming, I stayed on the bay walk to dry up. It was more of a sun bathing. A bird was 12inches away from me and it didn't show any sign of fear from me. The birds' chirps sounded a harmonious chorus.

We took pictures again in the Palacio de Fantasia at daylight before going home. We made friends with the people in the resort. They were warm and hospitable to us. They even offered us a ride back to Penaplata. It was a day. A very fun-packed day.

I took a photo, on how to get there, on one of their brochures handed to us.

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I am not paid to promote their place but I do love to share my experience at Korakai. Have a good time with your love ones GSoles! :)

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